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Monday, April 11, 2011

Week 11~ Intergrated Marketing Communications

L'Oreal's immediate Integrated Marketing Strategy has strong emphasis on personal selling which is dominating other markerting strategy's. Also. L'Oreal use of print media such as " Harper's Bazaar ans In Style" magazine is a proven effective advertising measure for the company. However, L'Oreal is not making effective use of internet and direct marketing and it's ad' campaigns are not drawing in it's target market. As a result, according to a report in, L'Oreal's SWAT team uncovered the disadvantages not emphasizing internet and direct marketing.
Futhermore, L'Oreal UK is in the  process of revising it's Integrated Marketing Communication and the improvement of "IMC" will have advertisements that will entice the younger generation to shop more of L'Oreal's products. Also, internet and direct selling will be integrated more with the strong an effective personal marketing.
L'Oreal is remaking it's Integrated Marketing Communications to fit the younger generation, but as the popular proverbs goes "If it's not broken don't fix it" because in an effort to rejuvenate younger faces, the company might very well loose the more "mature" faces.

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