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Friday, May 13, 2011


Indeed, I enjoyed writing this blog, as I have also gained significant knowledge. I learned how L'Oreal operates their business from the first stage through its' last. Likewise, I was able to apply terms and concepts from the book with what I've wrote. Most importantly, I grasped the role of a marketer and the tools they use to successfully market a company. Now every time I enter a buy a make-up product, I will evaluate it differently - from a business standpoint. Honestly, I enjoyed this class and the project, because it was an interesting learning experience. I really walked away with valuable information!

Monday, May 9, 2011


The new Green Academy, the only one of its kind in the world, combines the application of the most modern technologies and the use of environmentally-friendly materials to establish the basis of hairdressing for future generations in the 21st century.

In Spain, the hairdressing sector provides employment for 108,000 professionals every year, receives 175 million client visits and has a turnover of 4.2 billion euros (i.e. 0.4% of Spain’s GDP).

L’Oréal, the world leader in the cosmetics market, has taken another step forward in its commitment to responsible and sustainable innovation by opening the first “Green Academy” in Madrid. This new concept in hairdressing combines a strong technological character with a focus on environmental education, so as to allow the application of and greater familiarity with environmental values and sustainability among professionals in this sector.

The project stems from the Professional Products Division of the company marketing the L’Oréal Professionnel, Kérastase, Kéraskin, Redken, Matrix and Pureology brands for hairdressers. To create this eco-sustainable Academy located in at the company’s headquarters in Madrid, the most modern technologies have been applied in line with sustainability criteria to ensure the best working atmosphere and to encourage responsible behaviour.

Spain currently has about 35,000 hairdressing salons, of which more than half distribute and use L’Oréal products (the firm represents close to 30% of the market), hence the importance of providing adequate training for professionals about how and when to apply them. L’Oréal’s “Green Academy” , however, is also seeking to instil future generations of professionals in this sector with respect for the environment, by serving as a space in which to increase environmental awareness among the more than 8,000 hairdressers L’Oréal estimates will be trained here each year.

According to Didier Tisserand, President of L’Oréal Spain, “Our support for this pioneering academy in Spain, the first of its kind in the world, strengthens our commitment with the environment. An eco-sustainable salon currently costs about 15% more than a conventional one, a cost that will gradually come down through changes in legislation, innovation in materials and medium-to longer-term economic savings”. And it is estimated that, world-wide, a mere hundred or so salons are concerned about being eco-sustainable.

Week 14~ Business Marketing

L'Oreal is indeed a consumer product (a product that is purchases for personal or family consumption or as a gift). They also fit into the category of business products ( a product that is used to manufacture other products, become part of another product, or aid the normal operations of an organization). Which in turn, means that L'Oreal participates in business marketing

L'Oreal sells endless amounts of cosmetic products. They have devoted customers that buy their makeup for their own use. Another factor that contributes to the companies success are the people that purchase their products for other uses. Foe example a make-up artist might buy L'oreal products to use for there business which is adding L'Oreal's business as a business product.

They also participate and use relationship marketing ( a strategy that entails seeking and establishing ongoing partnerships with customers)."L’Oréal’s relationships with its suppliers go beyond purchasing and supply of goods and services. They are essential to the long-term success of our business."
L'Oréal Code of Business Ethics.L'Oréal sets out its values and commitments in its Code of Business Ethics. The Code of Business Ethics is supplemented by the "The Way We Buy", the purchasing code of ethics that each purchaser must comply with.

The Code of Business Ethics was drafted with the help of employees from 22 countries who took part in international working groups in Asia, Europe, North America and Latin America. The Code was then validated by 50 internal experts and reviewed by each Country Manager, Human Resources Manager and local legal counsel.

The Code is available for download in 43 languages : (a full description of L'Oreals ethics)

Monday, May 2, 2011

Weel 13~ Segmenting and Target Markets

Like most businesses, L’Oreal has a segmented target market. It enables them to directly pinpoint consumers who will most likely buy their products; thereby establishing an effective marketing strategy and also increasing revenue. The company has a demographic and geographic segmentation for particular products. Their segmentation is based on a chosen demography and geography, which determines who fits best for different items.
L'Oreal's beauty products are mostly marketed to female consumer’s worldwide. However, target market is further divided according to age group. For instance the “Youth Code" is positioned to attract the younger adults, where as "Revita Lift" is marketed to the more mature adults; to the generation X to the baby-boomers. This strategy of producing a product line geared towards demographic is not only increasing sales turnover for L’Oreal, but it is also helping the company perform well against its competitors.
I believe it is very important to have a target market. It can either make or break a company. Certainly, it is essential to know who the profitable consumers are, as they will benefit from them the most. 
L’Oreal has a solid way of catering specific goods for certain people. When introducing new products, they greatly take consideration of the place and culture - key factors in achieving longevity success!
     However, although L'Oreal's current strategy is effective, the company can have a stronger position if it market to men and the gay community. This will not only increase sales but also, L'Oreal might enjoy comparative advantage in the competitive market of the beauty industry.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Week 12~ Developing and Managing Products

L'Oreal's new product development strategy and the way they have successfully managed to achieve considerable market shares through consistent Research and Development efforts.
L’Oreal has not only followed a comprehensive, long term R&D strategy that has resulted in creating technological breakthrough products like Fructis, but it has also tried to address and maintain its balance between R&D-marketing interface.
Moreover, the company follows a three tier strategy for producing commercially viable products. The three structured strategy includes L’Oreal’s advanced research, applied research and product development, each stage having its own unique functions to perform in order to create successful innovations.

Article by: Moore, Elisha (THIS ARTICLE IS AWESOME I HAD TO POST IT !)
Why is new product development so important for a company like L'Oreal?
L’Oreal is a well established company in fashion business and in order to maintain its superior standing in the global market, it has to lay considerable emphasis on the strategies it employs for development of new products. Fashion has been defined by Paul F. Nystrom as ‘nothing more or less than the prevailing style at any given time’ (Hines & Bruce, 2001). Two important concepts can be derived from this concise definition: firstly, a style is not fashion unless it is commonly accepted (prevailing); secondly, fashion is transient (at any given time). These characteristics of the fashion phenomenon had profound implications for the supply chain, the product life cycle and the complexity of the markets served by L’Oreal and its competitions.
The speed at which fashion markets change is very high, with very short product life cycles. Many fashion items have product cycles as short as half a year, or even a few weeks. Consumer’s preferences depend on the season, on the social and cultural environment and on the effects of previous marketing communication for fashion items or substitute products (Mintel, 2005). Responding in a timely way to these changing demands is thus vital for success. Moreover, Crawford (1988) has also established that without new products, firms will certainly be at a stand still. The research also highlights that initial or early entry of new products can result in new market development, long term market dominance, and foreclosure of competitors’ responses.
The characteristics of the fashion industry require companies to make strategic choices about factors such as quality, speed, technology, price and flexibility: these factors define the positioning of a company (Abell, 1993). Drawing upon the information provided in the case study, it can be suggested that L’Oreal operates in the top end of the fashion market with clear market positioning, which can be depicted as follows:

L’Oreal’s targeted market segments can be characterized as fashion trend-setters, and these are the customers in the high and medium/high market segments: they demand products with innovative styles, realized in exclusive physical attributes with top-level quality by scientists and designers that have built the reputation of powerful brands. It should be noticed that firms that operate in the mass segment which targets fashion followers tend to imitate the high performing products of top brands like L’Oreal and therefore the competitive advantage of top brands recedes over time, making product lifecycle short. Given the high quality expected of its products and the short product life cycle prevailing in fashion, L’Oreal has adopted a vertical integration, which afforded it a full control of quality and operations. (Erica & Stefania, 2004).
Moreover, successful new product developments are likely to earn L’Oreal a superior market share and turnover thus increasing the value of the company. Also, L’Oreal has been a vanguard of fashion and in order to keep up with the expectations of its customers and consumers, the company has to lay in line new formulas that are carefully researched and tested for their effectiveness. For e.g. when the Japanese people were tired of having black hair and required an alternative to western hair colors due to their poor results, L’Oreal came up with an effective new hair formula that first bleached their hair and then dyed them according to their desirable color.

L'Oréal sales climb 9.3 per cent ... according to the company's first quarter sales

Quarterly sales
? million
1st quarter 2010
1st quarter 2011
By division

Professional Products
Consumer Products
Luxury Products
Active Cosmetics
Cosmetics total
By geographic zone

Western Europe
North America
New Markets, of which:
-   Asia, Pacific
-   Eastern Europe
-   Latin America
-   Africa, Middle East
Cosmetics total
The Body Shop
Group total

Bridal Week 2011 – PFDC collaborates with L’Oreal Paris

L'Oreal Paris and Pakistan Fashion Design Council (PFDC) announced their partnership in a press conference on Thursday with regards to the PFDC-L'Oreal Paris Bridal Week 2011 to be held in Lahore in September/October 2011. The bride's outfit, color palette, make up, accessories and overall look is important in Pakistani fashion therefore bridal fashion remains the most influential and primary form of fashion and style within Pakistan.
For this, the PFDC-L'Oreal Paris Bridal Week 2011 endeavors to define and present both contemporary and traditional Pakistani bridal fashion and make-up trends. PFDC - L'Oreal Paris team will showcase L'Oreal Paris' Beauty portfolio spanning across three days with over 15 runway shows.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Loreal EverSleek & New Feria !!!!

Week 11~ Intergrated Marketing Communications

L'Oreal's immediate Integrated Marketing Strategy has strong emphasis on personal selling which is dominating other markerting strategy's. Also. L'Oreal use of print media such as " Harper's Bazaar ans In Style" magazine is a proven effective advertising measure for the company. However, L'Oreal is not making effective use of internet and direct marketing and it's ad' campaigns are not drawing in it's target market. As a result, according to a report in, L'Oreal's SWAT team uncovered the disadvantages not emphasizing internet and direct marketing.
Futhermore, L'Oreal UK is in the  process of revising it's Integrated Marketing Communication and the improvement of "IMC" will have advertisements that will entice the younger generation to shop more of L'Oreal's products. Also, internet and direct selling will be integrated more with the strong an effective personal marketing.
L'Oreal is remaking it's Integrated Marketing Communications to fit the younger generation, but as the popular proverbs goes "If it's not broken don't fix it" because in an effort to rejuvenate younger faces, the company might very well loose the more "mature" faces.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Week~10 Product Concepts

L’Oreal distributes products whose objective is to satisfy an individual’s beauty and personal wants. The company’s make up brand is extremely convenient because it is inexpensive compared to other make-up companies such as Channel, Mac and Bobbi Browns. It’s also available in all make-up isles of all drugstores, such as Walgreens, CVS, and Duane Reade which makes it convenient to buy. L’Oreal has other companies such as Maybelline whose products are just as inexpensive and definitely worth it.
L’Oreal doesn’t just carry a single product line. Though they historically known for the make-up collection, they also have skin care, hair care and hair color products. The company established a product line extension when they expanded their mascara collection. For example, they invented many new mascara with the same effects however each item included something new. Over the past years, L’Oreal has modified some of their products, especially their shampoo products. It is now eco-friendly and their shampoos has been formulated with different natural ingredients, such as antioxidant horsetail plant extract, free-radical-countering lycopene and moisturizing bran oil.
Overall, L’Oreal experiences repeat sales from the same customers because they have a high brand equity and loyalty. They reward their loyal customers with gratis and discounts. Their marketers continuously find ways to get them to come back.
            I truly believe that their breadth of product mix has helped generate more profits. They offer a variety of products to choose from and different combinations of every type of make-up. Indeed, L’Oreal is a notable brand because millions of consumers possess loyalty and trust in their business. They do an excellent job showing that their products are always relevant and satisfying after all everyone does want their make-up to look GOOD and not CHEAP!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Sadly this is NOT in NY :(

UP TO 90% OFF !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!               Loreal-Warehouse-sale-2011-EverydayOnSales-Warehouse-Sale-Promotion-Deal-DiscountL’oreal is having their warehouse sales this month! Together in this big sales, brands offered here are L’Oreal Paris, Garnier, Maybelline New York and more! Ladies, don’t miss this chance to grab these cosmetic product if you are a big fans of them. As the world leader in Cosmetics, L'Oréal is focused entirely on the beauty industry and contributes to the individual beauty of women and men around the world , from all cultural origins and providing solutions to enhance their sense of well being and making the universal dream of beauty into a unique experience. Beyond science and sensibility is the passionate enthusiasm of the people who make L'Oréal what it is, their ability to sense future aspirations and their determination to anticipate up and coming trends.

Week 9~ Sale Promotion and Personal Selling

 L’Oreal’s sale promotion strategy for the past several years has been to position its products a cut above the best of the drug-store cosmetic brands like Revlon and Max Factor. At $8, a tube of L'Oreal lipstick might cost a little more than a comparable Revlon product, significantly more than Cover Girl or Maybelline, astronomically more than budget brands like Artmatic, but still far less than the department-store lipsticks and direct-marketing brands like Mary Kay.
Most L'Oreal makeup products aren't bubble-wrapped on cardboard like Artmatic and Wet & Wild - both serviceable products. L'Oreal displays are elegant. So are its spokesmodels -- not merely beautiful but ultra-classy celebrities like Meredith Baxter, Cybill Shepherd, and Melanie Griffith, who get up close and personal with their sister-viewers, confiding that, yes, L'Oreal DOES cost a little more ... "but I'm worth it."
The price difference between L'Oreal and its nearest competitors is actually either nonexistent or too small to deter consumers from paying extra for hair-color products that won't go orange or turn their hair to straw. And for those frugal Friedas who will buy the least expensive product, there's always Maybelline. That's just fine with L'Oreal, which owns both brands.

L’Oréal Network for Suppliers

POS - Promo / Suppliers
The promotion of our products is a strategic business driver for all the L’Oréal brands . Point of sales (POS) and promotion items (Promo) are important means to advertise L’Oréal products. This field requires creativity, innovation, discipline and competitiveness.
Our purchasers work therefore with a supplier panel capable to provide  :
§  Multi- material POS (metal, plastic, wood …)
§  Cardboard POS
§  Presentation boxes
§  Printing (notices, book, …)
§  Accessories (luggages, textile, gifts...)
POS - PROMO / Packaging
     The objectives of the Packaging Department are:
§  to ensure the compliance to Regulation and Sustainable development Stakes
§  to guarantee the quality through the writing and the communication of a detailed briefing for some item categories.
§  to structure and to develop technical competencies and the technology surveillance
To achieve these goals, the Packaging Department rely on the supplier competences and expertise to
build together a common vision for quality

Because We're Worth IT !

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Week 8 ~ Advertising and Public Relations

L’Oreal’s advertising strategy plays a major part to its growth. Through adapting to the culture of their target market as the main tool of their advertisement, the Company brought L’Oreal products within reach of other women from different parts of the world. L'Oreal advertising helps them bring in most of their profits.

This ad for a new mascara from L’oreal is targeted toward young women who take great care in managing their personal appearance and who desire longer eyelashes. Model Freida Pinto is shown with long eyelashes next to claims that the product can make lashes appear up to 80% longer. This suggests to girls that by using this mascara they can look like Freida. The product contains what L’oreal calls “Double Extension Renewal Serum.” this overly complicated, scientific sounding name makes viewers feel like the product has benefited from large amounts of research and will be more effective than its competition. The product is also marketed on prestige. In the beauty industry almost no brand name is displayed without being next to the name of some exotic city reputed for its glamorous fashion and beauty culture. In this case, L’oreal is never found far from the name Paris. L’oreal’s slogan, “Because you’re worth it,” is a tool used in all of their ads. It applies well to all of their products, telling women that they should buy L’oreal beauty products because buying any other brand would be denying themselves what they deserve.

L’Oreal advertising: Apple's got an app for that

Californian computer giant Apple has announced it will expand its iAd mobile advertising network in the coming months and L’Oreal will be one of the first to utilize the platform.

The cosmetics company launched its own campaign on the iAd platform in December, initially in the UK and France, with Germany and the US who followed in January.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Week 7~Retailing

L’Oreal makes most of its profits by retailing in Drugstores and Department stores. The company’s marketing development does make the final decision on site selection.
            This morning I visited the drugstore Duane Reade in New York, New York and visited the L’Oreal section located in the store. I critiqued it by the retailing mix of 6 Ps: product, promotion, price, place, presentation, and personnel. Duane Reade store carries numerous L’Oreal products such as face powders, lip gloss, nail polish, mascara, hair dyes as well as foundation. The variety of products gives customers an array of options and increases their likelihood of buying something. As I walk along the L’Oreal isle I see that the different products are on sale. The new top speed nail polishes were 2 for 5 dollars. They have discounts and sales to attract more buyers, such as I who bought a brand new foundation for my face. However for the most part the prices are very reasonable ranging from $5.00 – $25.00; depending on the kind of product you buy. They are many Duane Reade’s in the city and every drug store has its own L’Oreal section. Retailing in local drugstores L’Oreal lures more people. All drugstores have parking lots, and also handicap accessibility making it easy for any and everyone to enter. You are always welcome to stop at anytime because most drugstores are usually open from 8am-9pm Mon.-Sun. to make it convenient for everyone's schedule. Overall, the L’Oreal isle have their products extremely neat and well organized. I got the results I expected, and even more than what I thought. Their retail tactics is partly why their business is a success and continues to thrive!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Week 6 ~ Consumer Decision Making

The cosmetics division of L'Oreal has four segments: professional products, consumer products, luxury products and active cosmetics.

L’Oreal advertising is one of the most important factors affected purchasing decisions. The advertising is available anywhere both inside and outside home. Recent research suggests that people spend two and a half hours on average watching television. Typically every company realise an essential of advertising as it is shown in the profit and loss statement. Moreover it is noticeable that budget for advertising always high.   It is well-known fact that advertising plays an important role in people's daily lives.
In addition, their site has a product review where consumers can blog about their attitude/experience towards the item. The company reads the critique and analyzes how they can improve. These are ways that they enhance positive consumer decision making.

L'Oreal Paris presents The Aisha Collection

L’Oreal Paris proudly presents the aisha cosmetic collection. This is a promotion ad for the movie Aisha with cosmetic giant L’Oreal. Sonam Kapoor Endorses L'Oreal products.L’Oreal Aisha Collection.

L'Oreal Paris presents the Aisha collection. Great promotional tactics.
L’Oreal's Aisha Collection. Aisha L’Oreal Collection

Monday, February 28, 2011

Week 5 ~ Global Vision

The L'Oréal Group is the world's largest cosmetics and beauty company. With its registered office in Paris and head office in the Paris suburb, it has developed activities in the field of cosmetics. In 2003, L’Oréal announced its 19th consecutive year of double-digit growth. L’Oréal has operations in over 130 countries, employing 50,500 people, 24% of which work in France. 3.3% of consolidated sales is invested in research and development, which accounts for 2,900 of its employees. In 2003, it applied for 515 patents. It operates 42 manufacturing plants throughout the world, which employ 14,000 people. 

L'Oreal is ranked No. 68 in Ad Age's Top 100 Global Marketers' report, with annual ad spending of $553 million, half of which is in Asia, where L'Oreal is the No. 4 advertiser. In home market France, L'Oreal is No. 2.

Certainly, L’Oreal is doing a great job in global marketing by expanding their products in other places and catering to the nation's cultural values. They know what things sell in a particular region and also take other variables into account. Hence, they acquire more profits and business opportunities, as they continuously thrive in a competitive global market!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Week 4~ L'Oreal's Marketing Environment (Recession)

L'Oreal remained stable despite the 2008 Reccession, with an increase of 1% from the year before, and an average of 3.9% in sales in the last 15 years.  However, L'Oreal's largest geographic zones performed poorly with a 6.3% decrease and 3.4% decrease in Same store sales in Western Europe and North America. Meanwhile, in emerging markets, L'Oreal had 3.3%, 8.3%, 11.2%, and 5% increases in Same store sales in Eastern Europe, Asia, Latin America, and Africa, respectively. The benefit of its international exposure means the effects of poor sales do not have as high an impact as it would on a company that is based solely in North America or Western Europe.

Week 4~ L'Oreal's Marketing Environment

L'Oreal  is present on 5 markets: colouring capillary, capillary cares, skin cares, make up and perfumes. The brands of the group are numerous and present on all the distribution channels. These brands are place on different niche markets and each brand is complementary in order to satisfy all the market. The aim brands are:

- L'Oréal Professionnel, Redken, Matrix, Kérastase, in hairdressing salons
- L'Oréal Paris, Garnier, Maybelline, Soft-Sheen×Carson in supermarkets or hypermarkets
- Lancôme, Helena Rubinstein, Biotherm, Kiehl's, Shu Uemura, Ralph Lauren Parfums, Giorgio Armani and Cacharel Parfums in luxury market
- Vichy, La Roche-Posay in pharmacies.

L’Oréal has different brands with different prices and cultures. Indeed, L’Oréal has French brands but also American brands with Maybelline New York, Italian brands with Giorgio Armani or Japanese brands with Shu Uemura.
L’Oréal always tries to innovate and devote 3% of its turnover to the research. More than 120 molecule have been created for 30 years by the L’Oréal searchers.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Week 3 ~ Social Responsibilty ( L'Oreal Rewarded ! )

L'Oréal is rewarded once again for its "shareholder and social responsibility" achievements

For the second year running, L’Oréal is awarded the special "Shareholder and Social Responsibility" prize during the Share Grand Prix Awards, organised by Mieux Vivre Votre Argent in partnership with Vigeo, an independent agency specialising in corporate social responsibility.

Week 3 ~ Ethics & Social Responsibility

Loreal has experienced many ethical controversy’s throughout the year s. One famous controversy involved singer/actor Beyonce’ Knowles when the ad was advertised for their new Feria hair color. The ad featured a strangely white-looking Beyonce’. L’Oreal did immediate damage control, denying that her features or skin tone were retouched for the ad campaign, nothing else was said after the release of that statement.

Frankly, I believe that L’Oreal portrays an image that lighter and whiter women fit their image and profile of beautiful advertisement. In 2002 L’Oreal was sued and found guilty of racial discrimination after it sought to exclude non-white women from promoting its shampoo. In a landmark case, the Garnier division of the beauty empire, along with a recruitment agency it employed, were fined €30,000 (£20,300) each after they recruited women on the basis of race.
               "In July 2000, a fax detailing the profile of hostesses sought by L'Oréal stipulated women should be 18 to 22, size 38-42 (UK size 10-14) and "BBR", the initials for bleu, blanc, rouge, the colours of the French flag. Prosecutors argued that BBR, a shorthand used by the far right, was also a well-known code among employers to mean "white" French people and not those of north African, African and Asian backgrounds."
             After the ruling, the company said in a statement, “We believe that diversity and difference are a source of richness and we do not tolerate any form of racism or discrimination.” Except, I guess, when you have a highly successful spokeswoman whose skin is just too dark.

Sunday, February 13, 2011


L'Oreal posts 25 percent rise in 2010 net profit

       L’Oreal SA says its net profit rose 25 percent last year as strong demand for its consumer cosmetics and growth in developing markets in Asia and Latin America spurred higher sales and profitability.
      The French cosmetics giant behind brands like Maybelline and The Body Shop says it made euro2.2 billion ($3 billion) last year, up from euro1.8 billion in 2009 when earnings were hammered by the global economic downturn.
       L’Oreal says in a statement Friday that its consumer cosmetics business, which includes Garnier skin and hair care products and Maybelline makeup, increased sales over 11 percent last year to euro9.5 billion.
The company forecast further sales and profit growth in 2011.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Week 2 ~ Strategic Planning

Maybelline carefully statically planned this new product and as always it was a guaranteed profit for their company.  Given their many amazing products, Maybelline once again continues to surprise their users with their new Mascara “The Falsies” which was recently released.  As everyone knows more and more women now crave for longer, bolder and thicker eyelashes. “The Falsies” gives you all 3 in 1 and guarantees 300% more visible lashes from corner-to-corner. After putting this mascara on ladies will get the effect as if they were wearing fake lashes.  The patented spoon brush fans out lashes from corner-to-corner, while the Pro-Keratin formula instantly builds volume without clumping. The unique flexible wand helps to lift and separate lashes to provide the look of 300% more visible, fuller lashes, no gaps from any angle. Best of all, the entire product is waterproof so all the ladies don’t have to worry about smudging there mascara. This product is designed for young adults, teenagers, and women.  “The Falsies” is retailed at $ 8-10 depending on the store. This product can be found in all pharmacies, any make-up isle of your local store and also on the website.

Honestly, this is great strategic planning because it’s a product that gives women exactly what they’ve been asking for as well as what makes their eyelashes look great. This product catches the eyes of all women given the great promotion and the effects of using the product. I believe it was a great marketing tactic because women are always looking for new cosmetic products and this product will not disappoint. The financial profit will not be unsatisfactory due to their great planning. Maybelline strategically planned to catch the eyes of women all over the world and indeed it did. I bought the merchandise and I can truly say I was not let down.  

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Week 1~ Brief History + Mission Statement


Maybelline New York, the world's n1 cosmetics brand, provides quality and innovation with a modern New York feel at an accessible price point. Decades before the slogan, "Maybe she's born with it. Maybe it's Maybelline," was created in 1991, the brand was making the "it" accessible to women everywhere and empowering women worldwide to make the most of their unique beauty potential.

Maybelline New York introduced the first modern mascara to the American market in 1917 and made mascara a part of women's daily lives. Great Lash, launched in the US in 1971, remains one of the brand's best-selling products today.

Maybelline New York brings together the feel, the flavor and the success of Maybelline and injects the New York elements that give the city its cool, captivating atmosphere. Today, Maybelline New York is available in more than 90 countries. Offering more than 200 products, it combines technologically advanced formulations with on-trend expertise to create accessible, high performance cosmetics and beautiful colors with a stylish, urban edge.

Maybelline's Mission

"We believe that everyone aspires to beauty. Our mission is to help men and women around the world realise that aspiration, and express their individual personalities to the full. This is what gives meaning and value to our business, and to the working lives of our employees.
We are proud of our work."