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Monday, March 28, 2011

Sadly this is NOT in NY :(

UP TO 90% OFF !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!               Loreal-Warehouse-sale-2011-EverydayOnSales-Warehouse-Sale-Promotion-Deal-DiscountL’oreal is having their warehouse sales this month! Together in this big sales, brands offered here are L’Oreal Paris, Garnier, Maybelline New York and more! Ladies, don’t miss this chance to grab these cosmetic product if you are a big fans of them. As the world leader in Cosmetics, L'Oréal is focused entirely on the beauty industry and contributes to the individual beauty of women and men around the world , from all cultural origins and providing solutions to enhance their sense of well being and making the universal dream of beauty into a unique experience. Beyond science and sensibility is the passionate enthusiasm of the people who make L'Oréal what it is, their ability to sense future aspirations and their determination to anticipate up and coming trends.

Week 9~ Sale Promotion and Personal Selling

 L’Oreal’s sale promotion strategy for the past several years has been to position its products a cut above the best of the drug-store cosmetic brands like Revlon and Max Factor. At $8, a tube of L'Oreal lipstick might cost a little more than a comparable Revlon product, significantly more than Cover Girl or Maybelline, astronomically more than budget brands like Artmatic, but still far less than the department-store lipsticks and direct-marketing brands like Mary Kay.
Most L'Oreal makeup products aren't bubble-wrapped on cardboard like Artmatic and Wet & Wild - both serviceable products. L'Oreal displays are elegant. So are its spokesmodels -- not merely beautiful but ultra-classy celebrities like Meredith Baxter, Cybill Shepherd, and Melanie Griffith, who get up close and personal with their sister-viewers, confiding that, yes, L'Oreal DOES cost a little more ... "but I'm worth it."
The price difference between L'Oreal and its nearest competitors is actually either nonexistent or too small to deter consumers from paying extra for hair-color products that won't go orange or turn their hair to straw. And for those frugal Friedas who will buy the least expensive product, there's always Maybelline. That's just fine with L'Oreal, which owns both brands.

L’Oréal Network for Suppliers

POS - Promo / Suppliers
The promotion of our products is a strategic business driver for all the L’Oréal brands . Point of sales (POS) and promotion items (Promo) are important means to advertise L’Oréal products. This field requires creativity, innovation, discipline and competitiveness.
Our purchasers work therefore with a supplier panel capable to provide  :
§  Multi- material POS (metal, plastic, wood …)
§  Cardboard POS
§  Presentation boxes
§  Printing (notices, book, …)
§  Accessories (luggages, textile, gifts...)
POS - PROMO / Packaging
     The objectives of the Packaging Department are:
§  to ensure the compliance to Regulation and Sustainable development Stakes
§  to guarantee the quality through the writing and the communication of a detailed briefing for some item categories.
§  to structure and to develop technical competencies and the technology surveillance
To achieve these goals, the Packaging Department rely on the supplier competences and expertise to
build together a common vision for quality

Because We're Worth IT !

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Week 8 ~ Advertising and Public Relations

L’Oreal’s advertising strategy plays a major part to its growth. Through adapting to the culture of their target market as the main tool of their advertisement, the Company brought L’Oreal products within reach of other women from different parts of the world. L'Oreal advertising helps them bring in most of their profits.

This ad for a new mascara from L’oreal is targeted toward young women who take great care in managing their personal appearance and who desire longer eyelashes. Model Freida Pinto is shown with long eyelashes next to claims that the product can make lashes appear up to 80% longer. This suggests to girls that by using this mascara they can look like Freida. The product contains what L’oreal calls “Double Extension Renewal Serum.” this overly complicated, scientific sounding name makes viewers feel like the product has benefited from large amounts of research and will be more effective than its competition. The product is also marketed on prestige. In the beauty industry almost no brand name is displayed without being next to the name of some exotic city reputed for its glamorous fashion and beauty culture. In this case, L’oreal is never found far from the name Paris. L’oreal’s slogan, “Because you’re worth it,” is a tool used in all of their ads. It applies well to all of their products, telling women that they should buy L’oreal beauty products because buying any other brand would be denying themselves what they deserve.

L’Oreal advertising: Apple's got an app for that

Californian computer giant Apple has announced it will expand its iAd mobile advertising network in the coming months and L’Oreal will be one of the first to utilize the platform.

The cosmetics company launched its own campaign on the iAd platform in December, initially in the UK and France, with Germany and the US who followed in January.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Week 7~Retailing

L’Oreal makes most of its profits by retailing in Drugstores and Department stores. The company’s marketing development does make the final decision on site selection.
            This morning I visited the drugstore Duane Reade in New York, New York and visited the L’Oreal section located in the store. I critiqued it by the retailing mix of 6 Ps: product, promotion, price, place, presentation, and personnel. Duane Reade store carries numerous L’Oreal products such as face powders, lip gloss, nail polish, mascara, hair dyes as well as foundation. The variety of products gives customers an array of options and increases their likelihood of buying something. As I walk along the L’Oreal isle I see that the different products are on sale. The new top speed nail polishes were 2 for 5 dollars. They have discounts and sales to attract more buyers, such as I who bought a brand new foundation for my face. However for the most part the prices are very reasonable ranging from $5.00 – $25.00; depending on the kind of product you buy. They are many Duane Reade’s in the city and every drug store has its own L’Oreal section. Retailing in local drugstores L’Oreal lures more people. All drugstores have parking lots, and also handicap accessibility making it easy for any and everyone to enter. You are always welcome to stop at anytime because most drugstores are usually open from 8am-9pm Mon.-Sun. to make it convenient for everyone's schedule. Overall, the L’Oreal isle have their products extremely neat and well organized. I got the results I expected, and even more than what I thought. Their retail tactics is partly why their business is a success and continues to thrive!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Week 6 ~ Consumer Decision Making

The cosmetics division of L'Oreal has four segments: professional products, consumer products, luxury products and active cosmetics.

L’Oreal advertising is one of the most important factors affected purchasing decisions. The advertising is available anywhere both inside and outside home. Recent research suggests that people spend two and a half hours on average watching television. Typically every company realise an essential of advertising as it is shown in the profit and loss statement. Moreover it is noticeable that budget for advertising always high.   It is well-known fact that advertising plays an important role in people's daily lives.
In addition, their site has a product review where consumers can blog about their attitude/experience towards the item. The company reads the critique and analyzes how they can improve. These are ways that they enhance positive consumer decision making.

L'Oreal Paris presents The Aisha Collection

L’Oreal Paris proudly presents the aisha cosmetic collection. This is a promotion ad for the movie Aisha with cosmetic giant L’Oreal. Sonam Kapoor Endorses L'Oreal products.L’Oreal Aisha Collection.

L'Oreal Paris presents the Aisha collection. Great promotional tactics.
L’Oreal's Aisha Collection. Aisha L’Oreal Collection