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Monday, April 4, 2011

Week~10 Product Concepts

L’Oreal distributes products whose objective is to satisfy an individual’s beauty and personal wants. The company’s make up brand is extremely convenient because it is inexpensive compared to other make-up companies such as Channel, Mac and Bobbi Browns. It’s also available in all make-up isles of all drugstores, such as Walgreens, CVS, and Duane Reade which makes it convenient to buy. L’Oreal has other companies such as Maybelline whose products are just as inexpensive and definitely worth it.
L’Oreal doesn’t just carry a single product line. Though they historically known for the make-up collection, they also have skin care, hair care and hair color products. The company established a product line extension when they expanded their mascara collection. For example, they invented many new mascara with the same effects however each item included something new. Over the past years, L’Oreal has modified some of their products, especially their shampoo products. It is now eco-friendly and their shampoos has been formulated with different natural ingredients, such as antioxidant horsetail plant extract, free-radical-countering lycopene and moisturizing bran oil.
Overall, L’Oreal experiences repeat sales from the same customers because they have a high brand equity and loyalty. They reward their loyal customers with gratis and discounts. Their marketers continuously find ways to get them to come back.
            I truly believe that their breadth of product mix has helped generate more profits. They offer a variety of products to choose from and different combinations of every type of make-up. Indeed, L’Oreal is a notable brand because millions of consumers possess loyalty and trust in their business. They do an excellent job showing that their products are always relevant and satisfying after all everyone does want their make-up to look GOOD and not CHEAP!

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