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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Week 2 ~ Strategic Planning

Maybelline carefully statically planned this new product and as always it was a guaranteed profit for their company.  Given their many amazing products, Maybelline once again continues to surprise their users with their new Mascara “The Falsies” which was recently released.  As everyone knows more and more women now crave for longer, bolder and thicker eyelashes. “The Falsies” gives you all 3 in 1 and guarantees 300% more visible lashes from corner-to-corner. After putting this mascara on ladies will get the effect as if they were wearing fake lashes.  The patented spoon brush fans out lashes from corner-to-corner, while the Pro-Keratin formula instantly builds volume without clumping. The unique flexible wand helps to lift and separate lashes to provide the look of 300% more visible, fuller lashes, no gaps from any angle. Best of all, the entire product is waterproof so all the ladies don’t have to worry about smudging there mascara. This product is designed for young adults, teenagers, and women.  “The Falsies” is retailed at $ 8-10 depending on the store. This product can be found in all pharmacies, any make-up isle of your local store and also on the website.

Honestly, this is great strategic planning because it’s a product that gives women exactly what they’ve been asking for as well as what makes their eyelashes look great. This product catches the eyes of all women given the great promotion and the effects of using the product. I believe it was a great marketing tactic because women are always looking for new cosmetic products and this product will not disappoint. The financial profit will not be unsatisfactory due to their great planning. Maybelline strategically planned to catch the eyes of women all over the world and indeed it did. I bought the merchandise and I can truly say I was not let down.  

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