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Monday, March 28, 2011

L’Oréal Network for Suppliers

POS - Promo / Suppliers
The promotion of our products is a strategic business driver for all the L’Oréal brands . Point of sales (POS) and promotion items (Promo) are important means to advertise L’Oréal products. This field requires creativity, innovation, discipline and competitiveness.
Our purchasers work therefore with a supplier panel capable to provide  :
§  Multi- material POS (metal, plastic, wood …)
§  Cardboard POS
§  Presentation boxes
§  Printing (notices, book, …)
§  Accessories (luggages, textile, gifts...)
POS - PROMO / Packaging
     The objectives of the Packaging Department are:
§  to ensure the compliance to Regulation and Sustainable development Stakes
§  to guarantee the quality through the writing and the communication of a detailed briefing for some item categories.
§  to structure and to develop technical competencies and the technology surveillance
To achieve these goals, the Packaging Department rely on the supplier competences and expertise to
build together a common vision for quality

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