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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Week 8 ~ Advertising and Public Relations

L’Oreal’s advertising strategy plays a major part to its growth. Through adapting to the culture of their target market as the main tool of their advertisement, the Company brought L’Oreal products within reach of other women from different parts of the world. L'Oreal advertising helps them bring in most of their profits.

This ad for a new mascara from L’oreal is targeted toward young women who take great care in managing their personal appearance and who desire longer eyelashes. Model Freida Pinto is shown with long eyelashes next to claims that the product can make lashes appear up to 80% longer. This suggests to girls that by using this mascara they can look like Freida. The product contains what L’oreal calls “Double Extension Renewal Serum.” this overly complicated, scientific sounding name makes viewers feel like the product has benefited from large amounts of research and will be more effective than its competition. The product is also marketed on prestige. In the beauty industry almost no brand name is displayed without being next to the name of some exotic city reputed for its glamorous fashion and beauty culture. In this case, L’oreal is never found far from the name Paris. L’oreal’s slogan, “Because you’re worth it,” is a tool used in all of their ads. It applies well to all of their products, telling women that they should buy L’oreal beauty products because buying any other brand would be denying themselves what they deserve.

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